Where is Kitchener South–Hespeler?

Kitchener South–Hespeler is a newly-created riding after portions of Kitchener–Conestoga, Kitchener Centre and Cambridge were redistributed as part of the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act in 2013.  A larger PDF of the image above can be found HERE.

The boundaries of Kitchener South–Hespeler consist of that part of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo comprised of:

(a) that part of the City of Cambridge lying northerly of Highway No. 401; and

(b) that part of the City of Kitchener lying easterly and southerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of said city with Fischer-Hallman Road; thence generally northerly along said road to Conestoga Parkway; thence generally northeasterly along said parkway to Highway No. 8; thence southeasterly along said highway to Fairway Road South; thence generally northeasterly along said road, Fairway Road North and Woolner Drive to Zeller Drive; thence southeasterly along said drive and its southeasterly production to the easterly limit of said city (Grand River).